Technology Partnerships

Exusia is an End-to-End Data Strategy, Analytics and Engineering consultancy with significant experience in a broad range of frameworks and technologies. We help clients implement the best solution based on the organization’s requirements and goals.

Exusia maintains a deep expertise in proprietary, open-source and cloud native technologies in Data Engineering, Data Governance and BI/Analytics while keeping a technology-agnostic mindset. Exusia provides independent-minded tool evaluations and recommendations. Exusia believes in setting the architecture right first, prioritizing client ROI and goals, then assessing technology options to accelerate and maintain delivery.

Exusia stays ahead of the industry trends and buzzwords by “proving out” technologies in their own lab environments on Azure, AWS, and Google cloud platforms. Exusia only hires the best technologists and engineers in the world and continues to invest in training and skillset growth. Exusia also provides its clients with reusable IP and data frameworks to accelerate value realization while reducing project delivery risk. This is especially true for open-source technologies such as Spark/Scala and Python where frameworks and robust features have to be built from the ground up.

In addition to partnering with the top cloud platforms (Azure, AWS, and Google) Exusia has established partnerships with proven technology vendors including Ab Initio, Informatica, Microsoft, Snowflake, Collibra and Salesforce/Tableau.

Exusia continuously evaluates and proves out new and promising technologies to maintain a comprehensive understanding of the technology landscape, so our clients don’t have to.