Manoj Chauhan

Manoj Chauhan is Manager – Information Technology and Information Security at Exusia India Private Limited. He has 13~ years of experience in design and development of IT management, Data centre management, Network Design in the Manufacturing, Custom application development and ITSM verticals.  At Exusia Manoj is responsible for leading the Information Technology landscape which includes […]

Sneha Sapkal

Sneha Sapkal is a Director – Global Talent Acquisitions practice for Exusia India Private Limited. Her vision is to create 360° value and have a positive impact on Exusia’s stakeholders and help our clients achieve their targets by delivering top talents and innovative minds. She is having an extensive experience in evolving People Strategies, Global […]

Norah Joseph

Norah Joseph is an Associate – Global Human Resources at Exusia India Private Limited. She excels in different areas of expertise Human Resource, Administration & Operations, Marketing practices. She has proven success in creating cultures of collaboration and implementing change to achieve workforce excellence. She has an aptitude in good people skills and communicates effectively […]

Saudamini Mehta

Saudamini Mehta is a Associate Manager of Global Legal and Immigration at Exusia India Private. She is mainly responsible Corporate legal affairs and to streamline and strategize the compliance across the globe.  She has a 12 + years of experience in the Legal and Compliance field. Saudamini is responsible for the legal affairs of the […]

Smita Mali

Smita Mali is an Associate Director – Global Finance and Accounting Exusia India Private Limited. She has an overall experience of 17+ years in core finance and accounting operations, she has also worked across diverse sectors including financial services and information technology.  Smita is responsible for all aspects of Finance and Accounting management, including financial […]