Sonali Totade

Sonali Totade


Sonali Totade is a Director at Exusia. In her current role, she plays a pivotal role in designing and implementing large scale and highly available data solutions that drive business insights and decision-making.

Sonali has around 15 Years of experience in Bigdata, Cloud Computing and ERP Technologies. She has worked on Insurance, Banking and High-tech domain. Her expertise includes architecting highly scalable and highly available big data solutions considering nonfunctional requirements, implementing solutions confirming to the business requirements and mentoring team members. She has profound knowledge on Spark, HDFS, real time streaming, ETL, AWS Glue, Serverless Computing, Appstream2.0, Pyspark, Scala, Cloud formation template, Aws-Databricks.

Prior to joining Exusia, Sonali had worked with several organizations including Accenture, HP, Netapp and Societe Generale as Bigdata consultant and Team Lead. Sonali was involved in modernization of legacy large scale data warehouses into Bigdata lake solution. Her innovative solutions and strategic insights significantly contributed to the success of various projects.

Sonali holds Bachelor degree in Computer Science and Technology from SNDT, Mumbai. Additionally, she has done certificate course from ISB in Goldman Sachs 10000 Women Entrepreneurs programme. She has also been a contributor in one of the open source Bigdata community.

Sonali loves to travel, explore domestic and international destinations, experiencing different cultures and local cuisine. She likes cultivating plants in indoor spaces, enhancing connection with nature.