Rajen Patel

Rajen Patel

Chief Customer Officer

Rajen Patel is the Managing Partner and Chief Customer Officer at Exusia where he is Head of Global Client Sales & Delivery at Exusia and responsible for the firm’s digital, analytics, and data engineering strategy, consulting solutions and managed service offerings including sales, advisory services, delivery oversight & quality assurance, and resource management/development.

Since joining Exusia in 2013, Raj has been instrumental to Exusia’s rapid growth and success across the United States and internationally, while ensuring clients receive the highest quality solution advisory and implementation services to provide tangible value and return on data & technology investments.

With two decades of experience successfully guiding and executing on client Digital Transformation, M&A, Modernization, and Governance programs leveraging multiple data engineering, business intelligence, and analytics technologies including commercial 4GL, open-source, and cloud-based platforms, Raj is able to ensure clients are able to make the right data architecture, technology, and governance decisions using an ROI based approach that is in alignment with their businesses’ strategies and priorities. 

Due to his deep hands-on technical background as well as his business acumen, Raj is well-versed in delivering meaningful corporate value through digital/data solutions including enterprise data strategy, technology modernization, self-service analytics, data quality/governance frameworks, cloud migrations, predictive analytics, machine learning, and revenue-generating operational applications.

Prior to Exusia, Raj was the founder of a niche data engineering firm that helped Fortune 100 organizations such as Allstate and Fannie Mae modernize and scale their enterprise data applications. Prior to this, Raj held senior technical positions at Teradata, Hitachi Consulting, TransUnion, and Knightsbridge Solutions (Acquired by HP).

Raj received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago where he graduated from the Honors College specializing in software and database engineering.

Outside work, Raj enjoys spending time with his family, including his wife and two young boys. He is also passionate about helping children in need globally through his involvement in the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

Rajen Patel is the Managing Partner and Chief Customer Officer at Exusia