Mitesh Athwani

Mitesh Athwani

Senior Director, Data Strategy

Mitesh Athwani is a Senior Director of Exusia where he is responsible for leading Exusia’s Data Strategy and Data Governance Practice engagements and overseeing client business solutions for Exusia’s global clients. He also supports client delivery and quality assurance across the Healthcare business vertical.

Mitesh has over 15+ years of work experience in the IT industry in Business Analysis, Design, and Project Management to Exusia, with special exposure to US healthcare transformation projects. He has played leading part of the core IT teams for the 3 of the largest and critical US Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) mergers – Express Scripts-Medco, CVS Caremark – Aetna, OptumRx-CatamaranRx. His ability to understand the needs of the business , end-users and compliance requirement along with his ability to connect to the technology teams working around the globe makes him a unique figure in the success of any initiatives.

He has been also instrumental in the area of Data Governance and Data Quality for large client organizations setting up governance processes, implementing tools and providing them with methods to use their data in ways that cater to various compliance benchmarks like GDPR/CCPA/HIPPA and still being able to utilize it to provide business insights and analytics for stakeholders to expand and grow their business reach. He has written multiple articles in the space of digital transformation, data governance & compliance and have been published in reputable publications like Dataversity, TechTarget, IEEE Computer Society.

Prior to Exusia, Mitesh held different positions of Technical Lead and Senior Lead Business Analyst working with Infosys, Cognizant and CNSI. He led the program for the Pharmacy Claim Adjudication system upgrade from 5.1 to D.0 format, a $26m program that span over 3 years of work. He was the Lead Business Analyst for the automation work during largest PBM mergers receiving Special Mention award for the impactful contribution. He has also worked for a complex State Medicaid Medical Information System (MMIS) during the expansion of Affordable Care Act working with multiple government agencies to integrate the systems with Health Benefit Exchange. Mitesh has completed a number of Healthcare and Data Governance certifications over his careers.

Mitesh’s unique experience, skills to meet clients’ needs have pushed him to become an impactful leader in the US Healthcare IT industry. He is also a judge for the coveted Globee and Stevie Awards which are the world’s premier business awards.

Mitesh holds a Bachelor of Technology Degree in Computer Science Engineering and has done an Executive MBA. He loves to spend time with his family, playing cricket and learning different yoga and meditation techniques.