Ganesh Kudte

Ganesh Kudte


Ganesh Kudte is a Director at Exusia who leads the technical vision and implementation of large Business Intelligence & data engineering programs for Exusia’ s US clients. In this capacity, He is also responsible for executing end-to-end client solutions as well as solution design, development, and delivery. Ganesh is also an active member in Exusia’ s recruitment process, enabling the company’s goal of hiring the best talent in the industry.

Ganesh brings over 12 years of experience in design, architecting, implementation, and project management to Exusia, having implemented end-to-end data integration and analytics solutions for several industry leading US institutions. He has technical expertise within the Ab Initio product suite including GDE, EME, Conduct>It, Express>It, Query>It, Metadata>Hub, continuous flows, meta-programming, web services. He has implemented and enhanced the path-breaking Framework ProvX that provides end-to-data integration solutions to multiple Fortune 500 clients.

Prior to Exusia, Ganesh was a Ab Initio Developer at Hoonartek and IBM. He was involved in multiple high-volume data processing applications using Ab Initio for telecom and for some of the world’s industry leading banks. Ganesh holds a Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering from Pune University. Ganesh holds certifications for AWS solution architect professional and has extensive experience in Shell-scripting, Python, Azure, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server.

Ganesh enjoys traveling, exploring different cultures, cuisines and its history. He has travelled around 21 states in the US and his bucket list includes Alaska, & Europe. Ganesh loves spending time with his family, and is an avid cricket and American football enthusiast. He plays cricket in various Chicago leagues with his Chicago Warriors cricket team. He believes in giving back to the community.  Ganesh is actively involved in charity organizations including as well as various disaster relief funds around the world.