Erina Bhardwaj

Erina Bhardwaj

Account Delivery Manager

Erina Bhardwaj is a Director and Account Delivery Manager at Exusia India Private Limited. She possesses a vast range of skills in the area of data warehousing and ETL solutions, particularly Ab Initio.

She holds 13+ years of experience and is a value addition to the organisation with her expertise with which she maintains a great balance of client-facing delivery work and internal operational management.

Erina is responsible for managing one of the company’s major clients, overseeing service delivery and customer management. She takes great pride in providing top-tier services and solutions, drawing on her extensive technical, managerial, communication, and leadership skills to help clients meet their objectives. Her ability to build consensus with stakeholders, multitask, and improve efficiency and collaborations has been critical to the client’s success.

Driven by her expertise in managing projects that require efficient and effective ETL solutions to address data warehousing needs. She is passionate about driving the success of her clients and the teams she works with, and takes great satisfaction in achieving results that exceed expectations.

Before joining Exusia, Erina held positions as a Technical Lead and Consultant at renowned organizations such as Accenture, TCS, Genpact, and Infosys, working with clients across the banking, asset management, and retail sectors.

Erina holds a degree in Engineering from Punjabi University, specializing in Computer Science. In her free time, she enjoys traveling and discovering new places.