CIO Review features Exusia in it’s 2019 Telecom Publication

New York, New York – May 27, 2019

To help Chief Information Officers (CIOs) navigate the vast telecom service providers arena, CIO Review has published it’s 10 most promising consulting/service providers for 2019. Exusia, a provider of analytics, operational applications and software as a service solutions to enterprises was featured in the article for it’s work in the Telecom industry and it’s growing capabilities to service Telecom companies looking to monetize their IoT (internet of things) data.

Exusia CEO, Trevor Silver who was interviewed for the article stated, “We are uniquely positioned to help clients scale and tackle the massive volumes of data being produced by IoT devices through our innovative approach and experience. Many companies today are still gathering IoT activity and the terabytes, pedabytes or now even anabytes of activity being produced through various devices in the Telecom space, but they are not able to derive sensible information out of it and make critical and timely business decisions to help the bottom line. Exusia is able to help it’s clients scale up to capitalize on the expanding data production to empower governed, real-time decision making through a more streamlined process.”