Exusia has a comprehensive recruiting plan to attract high caliber talent. We drive several recruiting programs like Exusia Leadership Connect, Campus Connect Program, Refer a buddy program, Extensive Lateral Hiring Events, etc. This helps to deliver top talent to our premium Client across the globe.

We deliver powerful, scalable technical solutions that sets the benchmark of excellence and deliver competitive edge.


Exusia Training Programme: We provide explicit training programs – COE/Innovation centre designed inhouse for peers. We also have a dedicated training academy focusing on Cross Technology Training Programs for all our employees to ensure delivery of strategical and functional excellence. Our senior employees with expertise in various domains offer high quality customized trainings which becomes value add for peers. We have constant learning and evolving process which support induvial’ s growth

Upskilling in all major digital technologies, which is to include cloud native technologies across Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), as well as classic 4GL (4th generation language) technologies such as Tableau, Ab Initio, QlikView, Snowflake, etc. and the Open-Source technologies such as SPARK, PySpark, Python, Airflow, etc

Scaling Efforts to Grow

There are opportunities to participate in recruiting efforts, talent evaluation, peer and direct reporting, employee career mentorship and management enabling to scale one’s knowledge and capabilities to create and bring value addition to the end clients and the industry by increasing your value beyond the typical 8–10-hour work day.

Equal Employment Opportunity – With the evolving world, the nature of work-life has changed as well. But there is one major business change that we have seen, that change is known as Equal Employment Opportunity. Exusia offers no discrimination based on race, gender, religion, ethnicity, colour, age, disability, or other factors.

Exusia drives Organization-wide employee recognition program –by appreciating and recognizing employees for their hard work as they undergo extensive assessments as a part of Performance evaluations. Individual efforts are being highlighted and shared on internal forums to motivate the teams.

Exusia has a dynamic workforce and empowering them to take on new challenges channelizing their talent in a way where they grow and evolve with us.

We are always evolving with the changing times and technology by being innovate, competitive and relevant.

Work time flexibility for the project teams to decide the work hours subject to project/client needs.

Adherence to standard 9 hours workdays and strict monitoring of extra hours to avoid stretch effort and employee burnout.

Liberal work from home policy to support employee needs including permanent WFH where required along with robust infra support to support remote work while adherence to client needs and security requirements.

Effective Employee Engagement: Our Human Resource team undertakes highly effective engagement initiatives focusing on creating an inclusive culture by ensuring everyone feels welcomed, valued, respected, and involved. From establishing employee wellness programs helping teams to avoid burnout and form healthy habits. Celebrate milestone events through team bonding and celebrations to foster the spirit of extended family.

Fostering employee-centric initiatives: Exusia has several employee friendly HR policies, few to name are the Open door policy, referral programme and incentivizing employees for their efforts. Exusia encourages and focuses on overall well-being of employees and their family members by offering a Group insurance plans and Term life insurance. There are also various tax benefit schemes extended to its employees to enjoy the compensation benefits.

Compensation & Benefits – We offer thoughtfully designed and sustainable Compensation packages which are best in the industry. Structured tax computation, bouquet of benefits helps making it further cost saving and effective

Appraisals – We have a 360-degree robust appraisal process conducted twice a year to ensure consistent recognition and offer frequent feedback loops for continues career growth and development. At Exusia, we recognize extraordinary performer with quarterly awards for their high-level performance deliveries.

The war for talent is real and is not defined by borders. Therefore, we provide International opportunities which help you with the requisite knowledge and experience needed to thrive in Global market. The increasingly globalized and digitalized world we live in, has only made us realize that, allowing employees to explore international career opportunities help them to broaden their horizon, be part of a progressive work culture and achieve competitive advantage in career progression.

Having a Job or Having a Career?

Passion is what we look for.