Industry Experience

Exusia’s data experience spans virtually every industry – Financial Services & Insurance, Healthcare, High Tech, Telecomm, Hospitality, CPG, Energy, and others – utilizing its proprietary ROI-driven approach ensuring innovative outcomes and exceeding customer expectations.


Healthcare is at the forefront of the data revolution, driven by regulatory and competitive pressures.

Exusia helps Healthcare firms leverage data assets to enhance patient experiences, improve outcomes, and reduce operational costs.

Financial Services

Market changes are forcing firms to update business models, products offerings, and risk management processes at an ever-increasing rate.

Exusia partners with financial services firms to drive innovation with information to reduce risk and increase revenue opportunities.


Volatility in the industry, especially of late, requires firms to leverage their data assets to stay ahead of the curve.

Exusia partners with Logistics industry clients to develop innovative capabilities for constructing predictive analytics based on centralized, consolidated data platform.


Telecommunication companies are uniquely positioned to leverage the explosive data volumes from the emergence of social, mobile and digital networks.

Exusia works with its telecom clients to rethink how they create the leading edge of innovation by taking advantage of their data assets.

High Technology

Competitive advantage is gained by translating the vast amounts of structured and unstructured data into usable business intelligence.

Exusia works with technology companies to create data-driven decision, product and services development, and enhance interactions with customers, employees, and stakeholders.


Continuous improvement of the customer experience requires having accurate and a comprehensive view of the customer.

Exusia works with Hospitality clients to leverage the data they have about their customers to take advantage of opportunities to increase wallet share.

Retail/Consumer Products

Interacting with customers requires having a full 360-degree view to understand spending habits and predicting future demand.

Exusia helps clients in the Retail / CPG industry bring together data from various and disparate sources to create predictive analytics.