Digital Transformation: Exusia extends a platform to work in latest edge technologies and is technology-focused organization starting from conceptualization business problem to delivering solutions with digital transformation, data monetization, artificial intelligence, machine learning, self-service, data governance, data security, etc.

We deliver powerful, scalable technical solutions that sets the benchmark of excellence and deliver competitive edge.

Global opportunities to work with Fortune 100 companies across the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia, exposure to work directly in these regions and not just be in a captive location creating a great learning experience.

Exusia believes in leveraging Cross Industry Exposure in financial industry, telecommunications, healthcare, consumer products, supply chain, hospitality, technology, insurance, etc. Industries that take on new design patterns and capabilities and they learn from each other, at Exusia you can get ahead of these trends for growth and technological advancement.

Direct interaction with client businesses and end user requirements, employees get the opportunity to work with actual business users and end clients of the products and capabilities that teams are building. Team will have transparency into the product vision and roadmap and not just get handed requirements.

Exusia focuses on establishing mutual trust among the whole team to align its objectives with the organization’s culture, a driver for our sustained business success.

Upskilling major technologies from Cloud native technologies across AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google cloud Platform to 4th Generation language (Tableau, Ab Initio, QlikView, Snowflake, etc.) as well as open source technologies like SPARK, PySpark, Python, Airflow, etc. to boost employee productive and maximize the potential within the workforce. Through this significant investment by your organization, the individuals gain market knowledge, thereby improving their portfolio and expanding the skill sets.

With rapid changes in the corporate ecosystem, Exusia has ushered in global ways of working by focusing on Cross Industry Experience. This means that you would be working with multiple industry like telecommunication, financial, healthcare, consumer products, technology, hospitality, etc. and attain in-depth yet dynamic knowledge. Our broad and deep portfolio across industries, helps you to be future ready in this new world.

With better investment focus and strategies, you will effectively execute and handle clientele of varied sizes and scale, owning diversified processes. You get to work with Fortune 100 companies. Similarly, the Mid cap segment of companies ranging in net worth scaling 2-10 BN USD and startups some of which are IPOs and the rest being privately owned, drive the path for projects, requirements, funding and execution.

Enhancing your scale with cohesive growth in a dynamic IT service company. You get opportunity to work with Recruitment, Talent evaluation, Peer and Direct reporting, Employee career mentorship and management. This will not only accelerate your career but also allow you to create and deliver more value to the end clients and the global industry, increasing your value beyond the 8-10 hour work day.

Having a Job or Having a Career?

Passion is what we look for.