“Your job builds you

Your work defines you”

As a group of professionals with diverse backgrounds and global work histories, we know that a strong culture is essential to our success. Exusia’s culture is built on eight core values that guide how we set our corporate direction, make decisions, and operate as a team. We have incorporated the best of what we know into our values because our culture, like our solutions for clients, must exceed all expectations.

Our people are everything -

We are a consulting company whose talented workforce drives our success. Proprietary methodologies and intellectual property are important, but not sufficient to develop the client relationships that constitute the core of our business. Our people are our most important asset.

Over-deliver in all aspects -

Delivery, not sales, is the key to client satisfaction, internal excellence, and our future success. A commitment to over-delivery means that we never compromise on quality on any project for any client, regardless of circumstances.

Be selfless-

We believe in hiring and cultivating leaders and that true leaders are selfless. Having the confidence to make everyone around you better is part of our company fabric and is what is expected from those who drive the firm’s success and future growth.

Remain agile-

Regardless of our size, we will always act like a “small company” and remain agile and nimble in how we treat our clients and employees. We will never be too big to react quickly to a new idea or too beholden to habit to adjust our approach to the situation at hand.

Maintain a meritocracy -

We believe in rewarding employees who create value for clients. Our corporate ecosystem includes some of the most creative compensation models in our industry to align employee incentives with client needs and to catalyze professional growth

Protect our reputation -

Good reputations are hard-earned. We are committed to maintaining the highest level of integrity, even when it means recommending an approach that is less popular with the client (but, in our view, more efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective) or sacrificing near term gains in our business to invest in the future of our clients, their partners and, of course, our employees.

Never be satisfied -

The status quo is not an option at Exusia. Value creation for our clients is paramount. Providing clients with efficient and creative alternatives that push the norm and create higher levels of return is not an aspiration – it is what we deliver.

Walk the walk -

We believe in the power of information. As a data-centric company, we utilize that power everyday internally to make metric-driven decisions, optimize costs, and continuously improve our overall performance.

What we look for in an employee:

We seek employees who share our core values and demonstrate the potential to become leaders of the firm. In order to achieve rapid organic growth, we need employees who embrace new responsibilities and creating opportunities for others. A successful work history and good interpersonal skills are expected, but are really just the start. Expertise, with a hunger for knowledge, is required. In short, our employees must be honest, dependable, flexible, and dedicated workers, who can work effectively on their own and as part of a team. Some positions require special qualifications due to their nature.

What we offer:

We offer competitive wages and salaries, excellent benefits, a pleasant work environment and the opportunity to be part of a leading team in the industry. We are an equal opportunity employer. Exusia’s benefits package includes:


Life Insurance





Sick and Personal Time

Short Term

Disability Insurance

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