Exusia can provide end-to-end data management services employing a global workforce with technical and subject matter expertise to deliver data solutions leveraging a broad range of tools and techniques.

Data Architecture

Work with our industry leading data experts to define a best-in-class conceptual, logical and physical data architecture and data models optimized to support your real-time and batch analytical and operation application requirements.

Data Governance

Define and implement a capability made up of people, processes, measures and automation to identify systems of record, provide transparency to your data lifecycle, and standardize data knowledge in order to improving quality levels, mitigating risks and accelerating insights.

Data Engineering

Exusia has global engineering capabilities with top talent in Cloud, Analytics, Business Intelligence, Web/Mobile, RPA, Workflow, Data Governance, Data Integration, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Application Modernization, and much more, to accelerate and modernize delivery of requirements, architecture, implementation, testing, and managed support.

Business Intelligence & Reporting

Setup and provide enterprise- or department-focused metrics, dashboards, reports and real-time insights to your business users, integrating data across internal systems and third-party providers to increase operational transparency and efficiency.


Empower your organization with measures and predictive metrics to increase revenue, drive operational efficiency, and empower business user innovation leveraging your internal data assets and external data capabilities.

Cloud Set-up and Migration

Utilize industry-leading Cloud providers like Amazon (AWS), Microsoft (Azure) and Google (GCP), dramatically reducing Data Center operational costs while increasing information security with a global execution team. Leverage Exusia’s proven assessment and migration experience to plan and shift your organization’s applications and data to the cloud.

Real-time and Batch Data Services

Define and implement a best-in-class data pipeline and streaming architecture to source and centralize your structured and unstructured and internal and external data into a data lake or integrated and consolidated enterprise data platform to support your business requirements and application innovation.

Testing Automation

Increase speed-to-market, improve data quality and reduce manual error thru the identification & automation of repeatable test patterns, leveraging a framework-driven approach to generate representative test data, establish baselines for programmatic validation, and ensure comprehensive test/code coverage across applications.