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Know Your Customer to Increase Share of Wallet

The opportunity to market directly to each customer has been on the wish list of retail and CPG businesses for quite some time. The rapid increase in social media and the concurrent availability of massive amounts of data is making that more possible. This allows retailers to be more mindful and strategic in how they market to their customers’. At the same time, it remains a key concern that any individual’s data not be compromised. Any leak in data can result in a huge reputational risk to retailers.

The challenge, then is to be able to capture and consolidate data across a wide array of data channels creating a leverageable asset. Data-driven retailers can target their marketing and product development to better meet the needs of their customers and increase their share of the customers’ spending habits. This must be accomplished, however, in a data environment that is more secure from outside forces. Securing data according to best practices takes a concerted, bottom-up commitment enabled by technology.

Exusia has partnered with leaders in the retail and consumer packaged goods industries to leverage their data assets to improve their customers’ experience and increase revenue opportunities. Predictive analytics has transformed the model by which these firms can effectively interact with their customers while keeping their data safe from prying eyes.

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