Fostering tomorrow’s Tech Leaders: Exusia’s Strategic Collaboration with CDAC

Pune, India, February 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, Talent Acquisition and development are playing a pivotal role in shaping the future. Exusia has forged a robust partnership with the Center for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC) to empower and nurture the next generation of tech leaders. Essentially this collaboration helps Exusia with campus hiring program. Exusia’s Talent team actively engages with CDAC’s pool of talented individuals.

Initiated in 2019, this partnership with CDAC serves multifaceted objectives that extend far beyond conventional hiring practices. Our CEO takes the stage to provide the participants with a comprehensive overview of the Company, sharing insights into Exusia’s mission, values, and future aspirations. This direct engagement helps them in understanding Exusia’s organizational culture and also encourages open communication for the participants to interact, ask questions, and gain a deeper understanding of the exciting opportunities that lie ahead. Contributing to long-term brand awareness for Exusia, the active participation in CDAC’s campus initiatives, Exusia building its presence is committed to cultivate talent. CDAC’s emphasis on holistic education aligns with Exusia’s objective to develop future leaders in the tech industry and goes beyond immediate hiring needs, focusing on developing this talent that will assume senior roles in the years to come.

Beyond hiring, this partnership is also extended to skill development programs and training sessions. These initiatives have bridge the industry-academia gap and supporting the candidates with the practical skills required. With an approach of real-time project implementation, participants apply their training knowledge further in their projects. This supports their technical expertise and also develop a problem-solving mind-set. The culmination of our training program involves a Project Shadowing Activity, where participants have the opportunity to shadow experienced professionals on ongoing projects. The experience of working with mentors proves an advantage to their understanding on project management, decision-making processes, and the collaborative efforts that result positive delivery solutions.

The association between Exusia and CDAC contributes to the growth of individual professionals and also playing an important role in shaping the technological landscape. With shared values and a commitment to excellence, Exusia and CDAC are collectively charting a course for the future of technology.