CIO Bulletin Features Exusia in its list of Top 10 Service Providers in 2019

New York, New York – June 24, 2019

Data is power. This has become truer with the turn of the decade. All industries today rely on data to empower themselves. Monetization of data contributes greatly to the growth of revenues, reducing time-to-market and optimizing costs. Today CIO Bulletin released its Top 10 Services Providers for 2019 and featured Exusia whom has been one of the leading companies in recent times in data management and analytics services.  Exusia has been leveraging the power of its innovations to help the world’s leading firms.

“Globally, data is growing at an unprecedented rate for all our clients, partners and prospects. It is estimated that by 2025, data growth will achieve a compounded annual growth rate of 61%! So, today the challenge is to take the data companies acquire from its raw form and convert it to actionable information, insights, and services. This can support and empower a company’s core initiatives and goals which can help make rapid, informed decisions.” says Exusia Founder and CEO Trevor Silver, who CIO Bulletin interviewed in the Top Services provider article.  

This is where Exusia comes in, the offerings at Exusia focus exclusively on bridging the gap in data engineering to enable global clients to consume, process and act on massive data volumes at accelerated rates while at manageable rates.

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