Industry Era features Exusia CEO/Founder Trevor Silver in it’s 2019 Entrepreneurs Publication

New York, New York – June 3, 2019 

To provide insights to the CXO community, Industry Era is a growing technology magazine that features and talks about the enterprise solutions that can play a key part in redefining the business goals of organizations. They have become a leading source for sharing innovative and unique services developed by established providers across industries that have not yet been able to gain limelight for one reason or another. They believe that they are the change that is needed in the technology arena, which has become congested with technological advancements.   

In their 2019 Entrepreneurs edition Industry Era features their view on the top 10 Entrepreneurs of 2019, which included Exusia and it’s CEO and Founder Trevor Silver.

Exusia CEO, Trevor Silver who was interviewed for the article talked about how Exusia has grown, “Our team, built systems that are specialized in analyzing massive amounts of information in order to make rapid decisions, in many cases in less than a few milliseconds. These solutions helped high net worth individuals receive more targeted products and services, banks and lenders make better decisions around credit and investments and pharmacy clinicians make better decisions around patients and providers.”  and he also talks about and provides reasons for why he believes Exusia is well positioned to continue to scale and help clients who are facing massive data challenges and opportunities. “At the end of the day, data is data and we believe that our experience in implementing enterprise scale, elastic, low latency applications (across industries) can be the foundation for the right strategy which we can utilize to help our clients accelerate their objectives thru our IP and global technical execution capacity…. We want to offer our clients practical solutions in support of their data initiatives to not only promote innovation using data but to keep our clients ahead of industry compliance requirements; all at a reasonable cost,” says Trevor in the article.