High Technology

Data innovation is no longer an option

There are certain fundamental dynamics such as cloud, mobile and social media that govern progress across the technology industry and are resulting in technology, product, and business model shifts, as well as other strategic responses by technology firms. All of these trends are impacting what consumers expect and what businesses can do to address the new digital ecosystem reality. At the forefront of many of these dynamics is data, from clicks to “likes,” today's networked world is creating vast amounts of data at a significantly increasing rate. When combined with exponentially increasing internal data, it creates the data explosion commonly known as Big Data.

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The ability to translate this vast array of structured and unstructured input into usable business intelligence provides a key competitive advantage for technology companies. By applying analysis of Big Data to pressing business issues, companies are reshaping their operations—and accelerating their business results.

Organizations are becoming far more data-driven in how they make decisions, develop products and services, and interact with customers, employees and stakeholders at all levels. Exusia helps its high technology clients leverage their data to transform every aspect of the organization, from strategy and business model design to marketing, product development, HR, and operations. Areas where Exusia can assist clients include:

  • Merger Data Acquisition & Integration
    • Integrate New Product Data Hierarchies
    • Cross Customer Integration
    • Sales Hierarchy Integration
  • Mobile Data Engineering
    • Converting Reporting Data to Accommodate Mobile Friendly Performance
    • Data Visualization Design
  • Big Data Persistence and Insights
    • Social Media Driven Opportunities
    • Cloud Computing of Data Analytics and Reporting
  • Enterprise Data Quality Monitoring and Management
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