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Immediate ROI on Data Logistics by leveraging proprietary models

Data Logistics entails the overall management and execution of the flow of data from one or many sources to the point of consumption in order to meet business information demands. Exusia leverages a wide array of tools and corresponding best practices to enable the integration, virtualization, and distribution of data. Through these processes, Exusia provides consistent access and delivery of data across the spectrum of subject areas and structure types, enabling clients to meet the consumption and distribution requirements of all of their applications and business processes.

Problem Statement
Over the next ten years, the amount of data that companies process is expected to grow by more than fifty times, triggering a tenfold increase in the number of required servers (many of which will be virtual) and seventy-five-fold increase in the number of required data transporters. At the same, the number of IT personnel is expected to grow by only 1.5 times. As a result, there is substantial demand for cutting edge data management solutions that can efficiently and meaningfully interpret data today, while cost effectively scaling to meet the massive challenges of tomorrow.

The sources of these challenges are manifold. Companies across every industry are contending with increased regulatory and reporting requirements and facing difficulties integrating disparate systems of data distributed across multiple departments, platforms and technologies throughout the enterprise. Further, even if companies have an effective way of collecting data, they are often unable to transform it into actionable and useable information.

How Exusia Can Help
Firms need to be data-driven to gain the insights that create and sustain competitive advantage. Exusia offers our clients the ability to have a comprehensive view of data integration by offering a myriad of services that range from strategy, architecture, design, implementation and support. Exusia enables clients to achieve an immediate ROI on Data Logistics by leveraging its proprietary Logistical Framework, which utilizes data driven, re-usable design patterns and components to maximize delivery and computing efficiency, while minimizing time to market. Based on client requirements, Exusia’s Data Logistics architecture can feature meta-data driven programming, real-time data streaming, parameter based orchestration, absolute data lineage, utilization driven balancing and many other differentiators, all aimed at cost optimization, new revenue capture, and increased efficiency.

Utilizing our breadth of experiences and knowledge, Exusia is able to provide guidance for every data integration need to help solve the most complex problems that companies face today by implementing innovative and cutting edge integrations. Example benefits that Exusia’s Logistical Framework can deliver include:

  • Infrastructure cost reduction through Proper Memory, I/O utilization and delta detection
  • Superior data quality through robust restart ability, error handling and lineage tracking
  • Reduced time to market through proper detailed design, documentation and componentization
  • Unsurpassed processing speed through a high degree of parallel design patterns and a well-designed execution architecture

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