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An opportunity to cut costs while accelerating revenue growth

Exusia defines Master Data as the information that describes core business entities such as customers, products, locations, or suppliers. Master Data Management (MDM) establishes a persisted, virtual (registry) repository, or “system of record,” which is supplied to other business applications. MDM requires the development of internal organizations, processes and tools to capture, store, and publish master data so that it is used consistently across applications, business verticals and horizontals.

Problem Statement
Many Fortune 1000 institutions source and maintain multiple sources of master/reference data within their operations and IT infrastructure across their diverse global businesses. Typically, business lines use this data to enrich their transactions/events and feed their data to downstream “consolidating” systems for marketing/customer relationship management (CRM), trading, compliance, risk and general ledger/stock record reporting. As a result, these institutions have duplicate data set-up and maintenance processes, fragmented IT landscapes and minimal business accountability around their core data assets.

How Exusia Can Help
Within the MDM landscape we offer a full lifecycle of services to create centralized, scalable, end-to-end master/reference data operations and technology capabilities that focus on data accuracy, completeness, coverage, reconciliation, timeliness and trending. Our services also provide visibility into business rules, monitoring and tracking of exceptions, trending and prioritization of sources to reduce operational processes across all entity types including customers, agencies, accounts, products and pricing data. Benefits of our services include:

  • New revenue opportunities through new integrated data sources and content
  • Operational cost reduction and improved agility to respond to business needs
  • Data content improvement which drives lower development and maintenance costs
  • Faster problem resolution and more efficient management of operational risks
  • Cost reduction through the effective use of vendor data
  • Faster time to market of new requirements and easier system integration

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