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Business insights and intelligence through scorecards and dashboards

Data is power. It underpins just about every business operation and function. But, this power is unavailable if the data behind it cannot be easily accessed, analyzed, and interpreted. Exusia unlocks the power of data for clients by enabling business intelligence through innovative and insightful scorecard and dashboard solutions whose visualization capabilities range from cloud-based virtual portals to interactive portals hosted on premise.

Problem Statement
Every business function needs to know how well it is performing based on specific metrics, analytics and related key performance indicators which are pertinent to it and, each business function has different requirements and objectives when accessing this information. For example, the sales function may want to understand how prospective deals are distributed across customer segments and how that distribution pertains to top customers. Conversely, the finance function may seek an in-depth view of the pipeline to predict revenue, forecast cash flow and compare prior forecasts to actual performance, while the marketing function may want to determine whether recent initiatives have been successful by correlating advertisements or incentive campaigns with new sales and customer growth or retention measures across various segments. At the same time, management may request metrics that measure overall performance across business units, product lines, and geographies.

Providing usable and actionable information to enable all business functions to assess and improve their performance requires delivering the right metrics to each function and, sometimes, across functions. Data visualization makes this outcome possible.

How Exusia Can Help
Exusia leverages its tool-agnostic IMPACTTM methodology to deliver cost-effective business intelligence that yields an almost immediate return on investment through insights delivered due to increased data transparency, quality and consistency. For clients who seek the most cutting-edge solutions, Exusia further reduces cost, risk, and time-to-market by utilizing its CloudEx delivery platform to provide cloud-based business intelligence through highly interactive and usable scorecards and dashboards.

Benefits of Exusia’s data visualization offering include:

  • Mobile device integration for on the go business users that works with leading devices such as iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, and Android
  • Sub-second data access and charting delivered from Exusia’s proprietary in-memory data architectures, design patterns and methodology via cloud infrastructure or on premise delivery
  • Executive dashboards that balance both business breadth and information consumption methodologies to ensure the highest level of professionalism
  • Consistent financial reporting through Exusia’s data visualization architecture and semantic layer Deep insights into business risks and call’s to action through integrated data visualizations and drill-down capabilities
  • Geographical insights into business territories through geospatial charting and business intelligence Dynamic reporting capabilities through self-service / ad-hoc reporting environments that are the result of properly design semantic layers and data dictionaries


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