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Increase revenue through instrumentation and programmatic cleansing and remediation

Data Quality (DQ) has many definitions, but it is probably most frequently associated with the idea of improving the content of an organization's data and information. Rarely would a firm want to purposefully report an incorrect account balance to a client – but it still happens almost every day in most large institutions. Exusia's Data Quality Instrumentation Platform (DQIP) is a combination of out-of-the-box policies and procedures supported by a Data Quality Instrumentation Plant providing the capability to proactively identify, cleanse and remediate data quality issues.

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Problem Statement
It almost seems that data quality degrades over time – as if there are unseen forces at work. But in fact, there are numerous causes for poor data quality, including system and data consolidation, ineffective edit check at time of data entry, invalid external vendor data feeds, amongst others. Some are more preventable than others. Regardless, managing the quality of the firm's information has become paramount in order to improve client relationships and accommodate regulatory requirements.

For example, data quality can directly impact a firm's profitability based on how accurately it can calculate its capital requirements. Likewise, one only needs to pick up the latest copy of the Wall Street Journal to read about fines imposed by some regulatory body. These issues can be avoided by constantly validating data content across the enterprise.

How Exusia Can Help
Until recently, performing a regular inventory of data to assess quality has been prohibitive. However, Exusia has constructed a DQ framework that combines leading-edge data quality tools with ready-to-use policies and procedures to create the Exusia Data Quality Instrumentation Platform (DQIP). The platform can be configured to point at virtually any data source and report on data quality levels via both executive dashboards and detailed exceptions reporting. In addition, the platform can be integrated with a firm’s in-place exception management system to leverage existing incident management processes. Benefits of our services include:

  • Increased revenue opportunities
  • Improved client satisfaction
  • Reducing operational costs of complying with regulatory reporting by lowering the effort required
  • to produce accurate reports


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