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The “P” in PMO requires more than just Program Management

Having a guide on an unfamiliar journey makes it easier to get there and reduces the risk of getting lost. Firms are increasingly realizing that managing programs is a much broader topic, spanning programs, portfolios, and even the business in its entirety. Exusia’s approach to the PMO function is as a guide – reducing costs while increasing the probability of success by engaging across the various domains of the Program Management Office while maintaining the lightest of touches.

Problem Statement
The question is no longer whether a program management function is necessary – instead, it is how to implement that function as a set of capabilities that are accretive to the organization’s assets. Whether by regulatory fiat, board of directors, or management, there is a mandate for a clear view into program implementation strategy that aligns with a holistic view of demand and incorporates investment scope, interested parties, resourcing plans, interdependencies and operational readiness.

The challenge is how to create a PMO function that is not so burdensome that it increases costs without commensurately increasing the transparency of delivery. A mismanaged PMO function can be the source of several negative secondary effects, including decrease in time-to-market, reduced morale, and a drastic pendulum swing away from structured and managed delivery methods that creates a downward spiral of cost and risk.

How Exusia Can Help
Exusia employs a cost-effective approach to implementing a Program Management Office, tailored and scaled exactly to the context at hand. With the experience of managing multi-program portfolios across geographically distributed delivery models, our PMO focuses on managing execution for maximum value while leveraging our IMPACTTM data framework for maintaining automated metrics and dashboards to provide transparency into challenging cross program dependencies, resource constraints and constantly changing priorities and timelines. Benefits of our services include:

  • Reduced operational inefficiencies
  • Adherence to regulatory and stakeholder pressures
  • Reduced time to market of new capabilities
  • Tighter executive alignment with core deliverables and timelines

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