EMPOWER- Off-Site Delivery

Proactive oversight, analysis and escalation to reduce and resolve process outages

Supporting efforts are a critical aspect to any large-scale technology implementation. These roles often include, but are not limited to, application monitoring, environmental health checks, outage investigations, root-cause analysis, escalation, issue tracking and reporting.

Problem Statement
While the focus of most project engagements is on technical architecture, design and development, many companies fail to account for the short and long term support of the resulting applications. A lack of supporting infrastructure within a project can lead to extended outages, reduced efficiency and an overall decrease in application performance. Deploying a team of support specialists can help ensure operational stability and lower the probability of reoccurring issues.

How Exusia Can Help
Whether the application in question is homegrown or externally developed, Exusia can offer customizable support solutions for any client. Our workforce’s presence in all time zones of the United States and India make Exusia an ideal provider of global 24/7 support activities, regardless of geographical location. Exusia provides an extensive array of both on-shore and off-shore support capabilities including:

  • Production Service Leadership – organization and supervision of support teams, with regular status reporting to senior client management.
  • Level 3 Technical Support – in-depth knowledge of application functionality, with the ability to make critical business decisions and emergency code changes.
  • Level 2 Technical Support – proactive management and end-to-end tracking of application issues/outages, with knowledge of core functionality and resulting business impact.
  • Level 1 Technical Support – proactive monitoring and escalation of application issues/outages.
Benefits of our services include:
  • Resource talent and cost optimization
  • Lower operational risk for critical on-line processes
  • Better application user support and satisfaction


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