EMPOWER- Off-Site Delivery

Scaling with high quality, cost effective talent

Creating solutions within the Business Intelligence and Data Management realm requires very specific expertise in software development, including knowledge of various ETL tools, database systems, information delivery tools and operating systems.

Problem Statement
Since data management expertise is constantly in demand, hard to find and scale and not fully commoditized, the cost for these resources are typically at a premium. As a result, organizations look for more cost-effective means to develop solutions within the data management and analytics landscape by outsourcing these tasks to lower cost locations and regions.

When outsourcing the development of software applications, many problems can arise such as poor quality solutions, delayed implementations, miscommunications around business requirements and misunderstandings regarding the overall business need.

How Exusia Can Help
Exusia can help companies bring down their total cost of implementation with a proven offshore capability model that delivers high quality and timely solutions while exceeding the business needs of our clients. Our onsite leads are responsible for coordinating with multiple offsite resources across time zones and regions. The onsite leads are responsible for communication with offshore teams, the quality of work produced, knowledge transfers and meeting all required deadlines set by the deliverables constructed for our clients.

Along with the onshore leads, we hire top-tier Data Management practitioners in our offshore practice that have:

  • Innovative expertise in various technologies related to data warehousing including ETL tools, database systems, information delivery tools and operating systems
  • Excellent communication skills to effectively understand requirements, articulate the solution being implemented and create well written documentation so the client understands the final solution Experience in delivering high performance, business critical applications in demanding and time-constrained environments
  • Real-time processing development capabilities in addition to the standard batch models for data flows and processes
  • The ability to create solutions for data management projects as well as the required back-end custom ETL applications

Our offshore team is detail-oriented. We thoroughly unit and system test each piece of code before sending it to the onsite leads and our clients.

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