Amarnath Vibhute
Data Engineering

Amarnath Vibhute is a Director and Data Engineering Architect at Exusia, Inc.  Amarnath is responsible for leading design, development, and execution of big data solutions that deliver measurable ROI and scale to clients through best-in-class implementations.  In this capacity, he performs talent acquisition, training, and managing of Exusia’s off-shore development team in India.  Amarnath is also responsible for providing delivery oversight and quality assurance across business verticals and accounts.
Amarnath brings over a decade of experience to Exusia.  His technical expertise spans the gamut of solution architecture, data architecture, business intelligence, and big data information analytic applications.  Amarnath brings his deep understanding of several industries to Exusia including Manufacturing, Financial Services, Media and Entertainment, and Telecommunications.
Prior to joining Exusia, Amarnath was an Advisory Consultant at IBM India Private Limited where he was a ETL Designer and Technology Lead.  He was responsible for project planning, designing, and technically managing projects in Business Intelligence.  Prior to IBM, Amarnath was a Senior Software Engineer at SAS Research and Development.  Amarnath began his career as an ETL Developer at Tata Consultancy Services.
Amarnath received a Bachelor’s Degree of Engineering in Information Technology from Shivaji University in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India.
Amarnath loves traveling to different countries, exploring diverse cultures, and experiencing various cuisines.  He enjoys listening to Indian classical music and playing Tabala.

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