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Insight Success Features Exusia in its 10 Most Innovative Pharma & Life Sciences Solution Providers for 2019

New York, New York – July 1, 2019 – The Pharmaceutical and Life Science industry has grown to become one of the most complicated and challenging industries in the business world; from technical aspects such as target selection, drug discovery and clinical development, to manufacturing, supply chain planning, and sales and marketing, it all has to tie together.
However, sophisticated analytics and technologies, and market places suited for patented deals are leading towards new drug development efficiencies. And with the advancement of drug development come new challenges (specifically in global manufacturing and supply chain). Hence, grows the need for perfect balance in cost, service and risk in order to succeed.
Amid these changes, the industry is in great demand of trusted advisers that can navigate through the path ahead. It needs experienced organizations, which have been in such scenarios and have managed to help work through these challenges. Insights Success has acknowledged the efforts of such companies by shortlisting them in “The 10 Most Innovative Pharma and Life Sciences Solution Providers 2019”.
“Our team is very proud to have been recognized by Insight Success for bring innovative solutions to the pharmaceutical, health and life science domains, we believe that when Healthcare organizations successfully integrate data-driven insights into their operational and clinical processes the rewards can be truly game changing competitive advantage” says Exusia CEO, Trevor Silver.

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CIO Bulletin Features Exusia in its list of Top 10 Service Providers in 2019

New York, New York – June 24, 2019 –
 Data is power. This has become truer with the turn of the decade. All industries today rely on data to empower themselves. Monetization of data contributes greatly to the growth of revenues, reducing time-to-market and optimizing costs. Today CIO Bulletin released its Top 10 Services Providers for 2019 and featured Exusia whom has been one of the leading companies in recent times in data management and analytics services.  Exusia has been leveraging the power of its innovations to help the world’s leading firms.
“Globally, data is growing at an unprecedented rate for all our clients, partners and prospects. It is estimated that by 2025, data growth will achieve a compounded annual growth rate of 61%! So, today the challenge is to take the data companies acquire from its raw form and convert it to actionable information, insights, and services. This can support and empower a company’s core initiatives and goals which can help make rapid, informed decisions.” says Exusia Founder and CEO Trevor Silver, who CIO Bulletin interviewed in the Top Services provider article.  
This is where Exusia comes in, the offerings at Exusia focus exclusively on bridging the gap in data engineering to enable global clients to consume, process and act on massive data volumes at accelerated rates while at manageable rates.

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Industry Era features Exusia CEO/Founder Trevor Silver in it's 2019 Entrepreneurs Publication

New York, New York – June 3, 2019 –
 To provide insights to the CXO community, Industry Era is a growing technology magazine that features and talks about the enterprise solutions that can play a key part in redefining the business goals of organizations. They have become a leading source for sharing innovative and unique services developed by established providers across industries that have not yet been able to gain limelight for one reason or another. They believe that they are the change that is needed in the technology arena, which has become congested with technological advancements.   
In their 2019 Entrepreneurs edition Industry Era features their view on the top 10 Entrepreneurs of 2019, which included Exusia and it’s CEO and Founder Trevor Silver.

Exusia CEO, Trevor Silver who was interviewed for the article talked about how Exusia has grown, "Our team, built systems that are specialized in analyzing massive amounts of information in order to make rapid decisions, in many cases in less than a few milliseconds. These solutions helped high net worth individuals receive more targeted products and services, banks and lenders make better decisions around credit and investments and pharmacy clinicians make better decisions around patients and providers.”  and he also talks about and provides reasons for why he believes Exusia is well positioned to continue to scale and help clients who are facing massive data challenges and opportunities. “At the end of the day, data is data and we believe that our experience in implementing enterprise scale, elastic, low latency applications (across industries) can be the foundation for the right strategy which we can utilize to help our clients accelerate their objectives thru our IP and global technical execution capacity…. We want to offer our clients practical solutions in support of their data initiatives to not only promote innovation using data but to keep our clients ahead of industry compliance requirements; all at a reasonable cost,” says Trevor in the article.  
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CIO Review features Exusia in it's 2019 Telecom Publication

New York, New York – May 27, 2019 –
 To help Chief Information Officers (CIOs) navigate the vast telecom service providers arena, CIO Review has published it's 10 most promising consulting/service providers for 2019.   Exusia, a provider of analytics, operational applications and software as a service solutions to enterprises was featured in the article for it's work in the Telecom industry and it's growing capabilities to service Telecom companies looking to monetize their IoT (internet of things) data.

Exusia CEO, Trevor Silver who was interviewed for the article stated, "We are uniquely positioned to help clients scale and tackle the massive volumes of data being produced by IoT devices through our innovative approach and experience.  Many companies today are still gathering IoT activity and the terabytes, pedabytes or now even anabytes of activity being produced through various devices in the Telecom space, but they are not able to derive sensible information out of it and make critical and timely business decisions to help the bottom line.  Exusia is able to help it's clients scale up to capitalize on the expanding data production to empower governed, real-time decision making through a more streamlined process."

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Crain's New York Business Features Exusia in it's Fast 50 Publication

New York, New York – October 9, 2017 –
  To arrive at their annual list of the 50 fastest growing companies in the New York metro area Crain's analyzes the financials of firms with at least $10 million in revenue (USD) and ranked them by their three year growth rate.   

"Exusia is proud to be on the Crain's Fast50 list for the second consecutive year along with other leadng New York brands like Peloton, Blue Apron, WeWork and FanDuel; this recognition is the result of the hard work of our employees and the trust that our customers have put into Exusia over the years to deliver on their enterprise data management and analytics objectives, we are extremely grateful for the dedication and support" says Exusia Founder and CEO, Trevor Silver.

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Business Wire: Exusia Celebrates its 5-Year Anniversary by Giving Bank to Communities across the Globe!

New York, New York – September 7, 2017 –
 Exusia has chosen to celebrate it's 5 years of extraordinary achievement by giving back to the communities around the globe where the company operates.  Beginning in July which marks the month the company was founded, and continuing through the end of 2017.

"Exusia is honored to be participating in charity runs for causes that are important to Exusians and important to their local communities." says Exusia CEO, Trevor Silver.

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CIO Bulletin Features Exusia in it's 50 Best Workplaces to Watch Edition

New York, New York – April 6, 2017 –
As a result of how Exusia is bringing innovation to the IT services industry by providing it's clients with competitive advantage in their data management and analytics initiatives, CIO Bulletin features Exusia in their April Cover Story which looks at the 50 Best Workplaces to Watch in 2017.     

"We greatly appreciate CIO Bulletin recognizing our firm in their publication, especially at this stage in our companies evolution into the IT services industry which has been historically dominated by large publically traded consulting and technology giants.   Our team is working very hard to differentiate ourselves and provide premium capabilities in analytics at an affordable price to our customers" says Exusia Founder and CEO, Trevor Silver.

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Exusia To Launch Third Delivery Center in Bangalore, India
New York, New York – December 16, 2016 – Exusia, Inc., a cutting-edge global technology consulting company, today announced the opening of a third off-shore delivery center in Bangalore, India.  The expansion further enables Exusia to maintain its competitive position as a global leader in end-to-end data management and analytics offerings, leveraging its team of big data, data integration, turn-key analytics, and data visualization experts to deliver scale to clients through best-in-class implementations.
“This is a significant milestone for Exusia.  It speaks to our explosive growth and the sustained trajectory we see for 2017 and beyond,” said Trevor Silver, CEO and co-founder.  “A third off-shore delivery center ensures that Exusia can continue to empower our Fortune 100 clients, including some of the world’s largest financial and healthcare companies, with innovative solutions that focus on solving critical business problems using the power of big data and analytics.”
“The expansion into Bangalore furthers Exusia’s global presence, reflects its commitment to its India practice, and enables Exusia to broaden our client partnerships and drive business transformation globally into emerging markets.”
About Exusia, Inc.
Exusia, Inc.’s mission is to transform the world through the innovative use of information by providing strategic data management consulting and software as a service (SaaS) solutions to organizations facing the largest data volumes and the most complex information management challenges.
Exusia was founded in 2012 with headquarters in New York City and currently serves clients in North America, South America, Asia, and Africa. 
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Exusia, Inc. Ranks No. 18 on the 2016 Inc. 5000 List of Fastest-Growing Companies

New York, New York – August 17, 2016 –
Exusia, Inc. is pleased to announce it ranked No. 18 overall, No. 2 in IT Services, and No. 3 in New York on the 2016 Inc. 5000 list of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies.  Exusia, Inc. achieved its rank by attaining a three-year growth rate of 8,803 percent with 2015 revenue of $15 million (
Exusia, Inc. is a global technology consulting company that empowers its clients to gain a competitive edge by accelerating business objectives and providing solutions in data management and analytics.  The company is a global leader in end-to-end data management offerings, leveraging its team of big data, data integration, turn-key analytics, and data visualization experts and hosted software as a service (SaaS) to deliver scale to clients through best-in-class implementations.
“It is a distinct honor and an affirmation of Exusia’s strategy to be featured in this year’s Inc. 5000.  It is an inspiration to drive further excellence throughout every aspect of our business,” said Trevor Silver, CEO and co-founder.  “We would like to take this opportunity to thank our clients and our corporate partners for believing in Exusia’s vision and for selecting us to collaborate with them to transform their innovative initiatives to create shared success.  As a company, we are committed to continuing to scale our capabilities to ensure that we provide best-in-class data management services to our clients.”
“Our people are at the heart of Exusia’s success”, “our talented and dedicated workforce is the cornerstone of Exusia’s value proposition and allows us to cultivate client relationships that are built on trust and deliver a material return on investment.  Without the shared vision and unwavering commitment of our team, Exusia would not be in a position to be recognized by Inc. 5000 as one of the fastest-growing companies in America.  We are very grateful to our amazing Exusia team for helping us realize this significant achievement!”

When asked why Exusia has experienced its exponential growth, Rajen Patel, Partner, said, “It’s a combination of many contributing factors (equally important): one is Exusia’s dedication to delivering the highest quality service to every client.  Exusia’s data management expertise and our Global Flex Delivery Model enable us to implement agile and robust solutions that are tailored to our clients’ technology and scale requirements.”

Valerie Novales, Partner, added “Another significant factor that drives our growth is Exusia’s culture and our commitment to our corporate values.  Proprietary methodologies and intellectual property are important, but not sufficient by themselves to propel our business forward.  Our company’s core values guide how we set our corporate direction, make decisions, and operate as a team.  Congratulations to all Exusians across the globe for topping the Inc. 5000 this year!”
About Exusia, Inc.
Exusia, Inc.’s mission is to transform the world through the innovative use of information by providing strategic data management consulting and software as a service (SaaS) solutions to organizations facing the largest data volumes and the most complex information management challenges.
Exusia was founded in 2012 with headquarters in New York City and currently serves clients in North America, South America, Asia, and Africa.  
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Exusia's expanded leadership team enhances global support of growing client demands.
New York, NY – January 07, 2015

An announcement was made today by privately held Exusia, Inc. that they had expanded their leadership team to include industry veterans Peter Gifford, Alex Zhao and Dolly Takkhi to further solidify their organizations in the United States and in India.

Peter and Alex were two of the first ten employees in well-known Knightsbridge Solutions, LLC that grew to become the largest privately held data management consulting firm in the United States prior to being acquired by Hewlett-Packard (HP) in 2006. They bring a combined 45 years of experience to Exusia and will be focused on client management and solution delivery in the Midwest and Southern regions of the United States. 

Prior to joining Exusia, Peter co-founded Launchpoint, a provider of cloud-based analytic solutions and services for healthcare enterprises where he served as their VP of product development, IT operations and as the firm’s Chief Security Officer.    Peter adds to Exusia’s leading information management expertise bringing experience in everything from integration, warehousing and governance to security, architecture, and visualization, to compliment his deep industry knowledge in healthcare, financial services and insurance.

Alex joined Exusia in September having spent the previous sixteen years as a Senior Principal with HP/Knightsbridge and Clarity Solutions Group, where he worked on strategic projects in the US, Canada and China.  During that time Alex had the opportunity to work with and advise companies across several industry verticals, including financial services and insurance.

Dolly Takkhi joins Exusia from State Street as the Director of Operations in India.  Dolly’s responsibilities encompass all aspects of the firm’s Global Efficiency Practice spanning the Operations, Legal, Human Resources, Recruiting and Finance functions in India and globally.  In this role, Dolly will leverage her extensive client delivery, project, transitions and managerial experience to develop corporate strategy and to maximize the efficiency and efficacy of Exusia’s operations wherever possible and in furtherance of Exusia’s rapid growth plans. 

“This is really a proud day for Exusia and a great way to kick off 2015 for us as a company as it further reinforces our objective of becoming leaders in information innovation, management and analytics” says co-founder and CEO, Trevor Silver.  “As a firm we are really honored to have Peter, Alex and Dolly on our team now as we continue to expand our capabilities to meet our clients’ near term and strategic goals.  This group expands our experience in Healthcare as well as in Big Data, Analytics and Cloud Computing solutions”.    

Exusia grew 250% from 2012 to 2013 and has grown another 300% from 2013 to 2014.    During 2014, Exusia also doubled its client list, established new business in Canada and South Africa, and expanded its delivery operations in Pune, India.

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Group of Experienced Executives Launches Cutting Edge Data Solutions Company
New York, NY – July 11, 2012

Exusia, Inc. (pronounced ex-OO-see-ah and translated from Greek to mean "immensely powerful and agile") was formed on July 11, 2012 with the objective of addressing a growing gap in the data innovation and engineering space. Founded by a group of delivery-focused executives with decades of experience helping companies become more profitable and efficient, Exusia’s mission is to empower its clients to grow revenue, optimize costs and satisfy regulatory requirements through the innovative use of information and analytics.

“With an extensive range of experience, Exusia’s senior management team has successfully enabled significant return on investment for our clients’ business initiatives through a unique blend of strategy, innovative technical execution and outsourcing. Exusia will close the gap for companies by offering turn-key, cloud-based, end to end information centric solutions that significantly lower risk while reducing time to market” says Trevor Silver, Founding Partner and CEO of Exusia.

In this fast-paced, technology-driven age, it is imperative that large corporations keep their information management systems ahead of the curve. Through superior strategy and implementation capabilities, Exusia will revolutionize the way these corporations deal with internal and external information. “At the core of our philosophy is a quality-first, trust-building, delivery-focused client relationship” says Craig Bliss, Partner, “in order to make that possible, we only hire technologists who are the best at what they do.”
Exusia currently has multiple projects already underway with some of the largest financial, high technology and healthcare organizations in the world.
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