Geographic Mobility

Supporting our diverse client base across their global locations

Exusia differentiates through its diverse and talented people. Supporting global client solutions often requires recruiting and relocating the best talent across geographic locations.

In the U.S., Exusia and its leadership team have a long history of working with the United States Citizen and Immigration Service (USCIS) and supporting work visa creation, transfer and maintenance processes, including an impressive track record of end client support and interaction and accelerated application and request approvals. Our experienced internal and external immigration teams collaborate seamlessly to ensure speedy and flawless submissions, processes that produce repeatable favorable results and information sharing to dynamically update best practices as policies change. We proactively support our employees’ geographic preferences, including permanent residency and switching client locations to take on new challenges.

Abroad, Exusia’s leadership team has a history of establishing best-in-class teams in multiple geographies by recruiting top-tier talent locally and internationally. As in the U.S., we proactively support geographic mobility to enhance client delivery, career growth and professional experience.

Exusia is now creating global opportunities in India, Europe and Africa in order to better support it's client demands and solutions.

In all locations, our employees collaborate with teams across various regions to deliver client solutions, share best practices and participate in training to ensure the highest possible quality of service and potential for career and professional advancement.

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