Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does Exusia do?
Exusia is a cutting-edge data and information management consulting firm founded by a team of experienced leaders that focuses on client service and the delivery of thoughtful strategy, application architecture and implementations through skilled leadership and outstanding talent for our large global clients.

2. What is Exusia’s exclusive IMPACTTM methodology?
Exusia’s IMPACTTM methodology is an approach developed by Exusia’s leadership to assess large enterprise data and information management programs, accelerate findings and efficiently implement strategies.

3. Who are Exusia’s typical clients?
Exusia’s clients include any enterprise with large volumes of data. Some of our current projects include strategy and implementations for large corporations in the financial, high technology, healthcare and government sectors.

4. What types of projects has Exusia worked on?
Exusia provides a variety of services across all aspects of data and information management from strategy and architecture to design and implementation to overall technical and operational support for its financial, healthcare, high technology and government clients.

5. Why would a potential candidate want to work for Exusia?
We understand that our employees are the heart of our business and that the performance of our employees enhances and informs our reputation and empowers our growth. Therefore, we have built a corporate culture that revolves around supporting our employees, encouraging idea exchange, teaching technical and client-service expertise and fueling career growth both intellectually and financially.

6. How do potential candidates apply for a position at Exusia?
Please visit our careers page in order to read about available positions and learn more about Exusia. To apply, please submit your CV to We look forward to meeting you!

7. Does Exusia sponsor international talent?
Yes. We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible service and at the core of that business principal is the talent we hire. We recruit from a global talent pool to find industry and functional experts and match them with the client(s) and/or project(s) that will most optimally balance the utilization of their skill sets and the enhancement of their careers.

8. Where is Exusia located?
We have several offices worldwide. Please find a list on our contact page.

9. What does the word Exusia mean?
Exusia, pronounced ex-OO-see-ah, is a Greek word that means immensely powerful and agile.

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