Case Studies
Data Warehouse Re-Engineering

Re-engineer the data warehouse of a purchased subsidiary company to improve performance and to integrate with the overall corporate architecture and standards of a large financial organization.

Current State:
Data is ingested into the current data warehouse using ELT rather than ETL processes in which stored procedures edit and move data through temporary staging tables before loading multiple star schemas of fact and dimension tables used for reporting and analytics.

Redesign the current data flow using the corporate standard Ab Initio software suite to enable faster processing through parallelism thereby enabling users and analysts earlier access to the latest data and better reporting capabilities.

Since the client staff had no prior experience with Ab Initio, Exusia used its “JumpStart” methodology to install the product suite and perform an initial proof of concept through the conversion of a small but independent portion of the current application. Exusia staff set up development, quality assurance, staging and production environments and successfully migrated the proof of concept processing through each. Meanwhile Exusia consultants were advising and mentoring client staff through the redesign process showing them how to modularize processing and produce efficient reusable parameterized code. ICFFs have been incorporated into the design replacing Oracle databases to improve performance. Analysts have also been trained in the use of the new Express>It product which can be used to generate executable code from business rules without the requirement for written development specifications thereby reducing development time.

Next Steps:
The client has recently requested further Exusia support and intends to create an environment where Conduct>It plans are used to control event driven processes and where Control Center is used to monitor operations and record operational data. Further development is expected to include the use of continuous flow processing and the use of the Metadata Hub product to show data lineages across the multiple projects.

Exusia Point of Contact:
Rajen Patel, Partner

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