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Predictive Analytics Cloud

Predictive Analytics Cloud for a High Technology Institution

Current State:
A leading high technology software and services provider who has grown through numerous acquisitions is focused on leveraging their data to influence decisions being made across sales, marketing, services support and product development. To do this, data rationalization and integration is required to create consistency around enterprise level insights into customer retention, cross-selling opportunities and new product development prioritization.

The Exusia team was engaged to provide meaningful insights into a massive amount of data with the goal of producing target analytics focused on customer growth and retention metrics around the client’s core products. The initial project included building the strategy, plan, architecture, design and development of a pilot to provide sales users a set of application channels and / or web interfaces to view customer insights while taking into account the requirements to create a solution that can scale to provide broader analytics to enable the client’s enterprise user base over time.

Exusia and the client focused on gathering data that was inclusive of all of the client’s products to work towards the construction of automated feeds to retrieve data from disparate source systems and data extracts. The analytics pilot featured customized weighting of individually pre-calculated metrics, segmentation of client data by sales executive and product and the analytic information was made available via the client’s existing SalesForce infrastructure.

Our team concentrated on leveraging the Exusia CloudEx infrastructure to quickly deploy an iPad friendly predictive insights application that focused on core metrics around product utilization, voice of the customer surveys, client opened cases, product implementation details and billing information to historically analyze customer risk and predict attrition in a call to action to the enterprise sales organization. Leveraging Exusia’s proprietary IP around data architecture and data quality along with the Exusia DemandEx infrastructure, an initial production release was set-up in just under twelve weeks.

Next Steps:
Our team remains engaged with the client on this and other projects and is current expanding the predictive analytics application to cover more products, metrics and aggregate levels of analysis. Longer term deployment of an external customer facing analytics dashboard is planned along with up-sell and cross-sell opportunities and client recommendations. Additional targeted analytics are also planned for marketing, finance and support functions across the growing enterprise.

Exusia Point of Contact:
Michael LaPorta, Partner

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